Ok first it was scary. News, WhatsApp, YouTube... nothing could satiate our thirst and hunger to learn about Coronavirus and what's going on. Now that we've been locked up for weeks, we are all looking forward to our old freedom.

It is hardly a secret that the key to successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying motivated.

As you'd agree, the life of an entrepreneur is anything but easy. It's long arduous nights and days; travel to new countries finding partners; working on your own for days designing. In a way we are kind of more used to this 'social distancing' way than many people who have office jobs.
So how to stay motivated most of the time when everyday feels the same? I wanted to share 2 SIMPLE and practical life hacks (get ready, wear best shoes, carry designer handbags, wear comfy shoe inserts, etc. ) that can help motivate you to get through your day.

When it comes to motivation, attitude is everything. So when you start your day, take a shower, get ready in something comfortable yet chic to shift your energy away from the pajamas. And put on your sneakers. Yep. You may be homebound most day, but when you get your sneakers on, you are going to be just nimble & fast on your feet. You can do a bit of stretches in between your work breaks, do laundry or whatever you need to get done. And most importantly the daily sneakers will be a reminder that you still need to clock in that run/walk for the day.

Wherever you get your music... Amazon, Sonos, Pandora. The Deep Study Playlists with instrumental music are the real deal. They just help you get into the zone. 

Hope you find these simple life hacks useful. The power of focus is great, focusing on your goal day in day out, we can all learn from each other.