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About Us

Meet the team

HOPE ROSA was founded with the clear objective of offering luxury, designer classics backed by science & practicality to modern women.

At hope Rosa we never think of  business as usual. Everything we create, we think deeply about the 'why'. We focus on bringing the highest level of design and craftsmanship, science, while slowing the fashion cycle and paving the path for 'thoughtful luxury'. We contribute from every sale a portion towards helping women in need. 

We work with artisans in Italy, Taiwan & China. We work with Scientists in US, Singapore & China. To create new constructions we had to cross the traditional boundaries, otherwise we were trapped in the "this is how we do it here.." adage.

We are motivated to develop Thoughtful Luxury. 

Our small team collaborates across countries, timezones, cultures & language. Each of us bring a key power skill to the party!!