Help with my Size

Under 3 Minute: Your Perfect Fit Starts Here!

At Hope Rosa,

We believe that finding the right shoe size is the key to unlocking a world of comfort, freedom to move and healthy feet. With our passion for perfect fits and exceptional footwear, we're here to guide you. Say goodbye to guesswork, reading tons of online reviews, we help you get the right size 1st time and every-time. We ran online stores for big brands and saw the inefficiencies and we decided we were going to do this the right way. This is shoe-shopping done right!

Shopping with us is easy, intuitive, and accurate. Let us explain you how we work, what you need to do to know the right size for you:

  1. Perfect Fit for Each: We understand that everyone's feet are different. By providing us with your precise measurements, we can ensure that the shoes you choose will fit your unique foot shape comfortably. Whether you have a specific foot condition or need extra room in certain areas, our team is well-versed in understanding various foot characteristics like bunions, corns, or protruding pinky toes, arch, no-arch etc.. Your comfort is our top priority.
  2. Personal Customer Profile: Most brands just want to know what you ordered last time & how often. We care about your fit so we can recommend that right styles for you. Thus we create a unique foot profile for each customer, keeping their measurements and photos on file to tailor their experience with our brand. Your measurements and foot concerns help us recommend the right size and best style for you. We ensure that future orders cater to your requirements. Say goodbye to repetitive measurements and inconsistent sizing.
  3. Comfort & Science Driven Designs: Our beautiful shoes are created in collaboration with scientists - considering foot biomechanics, demographic trends and design changes to make high performance shoes. Our shoe construction is proprietary. You will not feel squished and your knees & back will not hurt. Our toe box is wider.
  4. HOPE ROSA Sizing Runs Wider: Our shoe fitting is truly European and runs wider. So refer to the size chart with the two important measurements. Read the details on each style. It mentions hours of comfortable wear & fit.
  5. Measurements & Photos Needed From You: You need the Length (L) & Girth (G) of both your feet. You need this information as the length determines the best size, however the girth is important to see if your foot will be comfortable in the width. You need:
    1. Mobile Phone - to take photos of your feet for sending to us
    2. Tape Measure or Our Printed Sheet for measurement
  6. Write The Info: Using our pre-printed sheet; our Hope Rosa shoe box; or a tape measure - please record this information. This is a one-time task. Write measurements  CM or MM and then match it to the attached size chart. Or send us your photos with measurements by email or WhatsApp and we will recommend you the size. Watch our YouTube Video for further help.

    measurement shoe box