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What makes HOPE ROSA shoes different from other shoes?

Hope Rosa is the first Smart Luxury brand- partnering with scientists & designers that honestly posts the number of hours of comfortable wear (SWAC Score) on every shoe style.

Are Hope Rosa shoes comfortable?

Hope Rosa shoes are game changers for women. They are designed in collaboration with sports scientists who focus on foot biomechanics, biomimicry & outperforming materials and classic designs; and lastly our customers bring in the common sensibilities of our 7 Elements. Those are:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Non-Slip
  3. Shock Absorbing
  4. Stretchable materials
  5. Lightweight
  6. Craftsmanship
  7. Comfort Hour Rating
Where are Hope Rosa shoes & bags made?

Hope Rosa’s founding team shares American & Italian heritage and that reflects in our designs & construction. We need a sophisticated supply chain to construct our products. Our materials are sourced from the US, Italy, Romania and assembled across factories in Italy, Spain, China - depending on the design. Overall we are big believers in the collaboration that happens across borders and less focused on country of origin.

How do I care for my product?

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Do you offer extended warranties?

We offer 15 day exchange on your purchase. If you want extended warranty we can offer that.

What are Hope Rosa shoes & bags made from?

Hope Rosa uses only genuine high quality leather. We do not use fake leather, PVC, cheap adhesives etc. that are prevalent in fast-fashion. We believe in conserving earth’s resources and want our products to last long. We do not use pig leather in any parts of our shoes or bags.

What type of leather is used in Hope Rosa shoes?

Typically we use cow leather or other ethically sourced high quality leather, tanned in world’s best tanneries. We do not use pig skin in any of our products.

When will the sizes/ colors/ products restock?

Hi, we are constantly restocking new sizes and products. Our core styles are all season, all year staples. If you love a style and don't see it in your preferred choice whats’app to our company chat and we will add you to our early release list.

Where all can I purchase Hope Rosa?

Hope Rosa retailed at premium department stores in Singapore, like: Takashimaya, Isetan, Robinsons & Metro. Currently we are focused on growing our global presence and thus selling online & direct. You can buy Hope Rosa products on:

Do Hope Rosa shoes run wide?

Yes. Our designs are best suited for women with normal to wide width. We went this way for 2 reasons:

  1. Our feet contract & expand during the day and tight shoes cause discomfort.
  2. Our study of current demographic data shows that women today have wider feet than the foot models used by most manufacturers & factories. Hope Rosa is an inclusive brand that is aligned with today’s consumer.
Do your shoes work for women with bunions & have any technology for pronated and supinated feet?

Yes for all!

  • We understand that 38% of women have bunions, and are often limited in choice of beautiful & comfortable. So we want to change that. Shoes that are bunion friendly are tagged in product detail page.
  • Our shoes support pronated feet better than any designer brands. Our insoles with open cell technology for even weight distribution, shock absorption & energy return creates even contact points. This creates greater stability in foot positioning.
How do I choose the right shoe size?

This is the most important decision and information which will lead to the best experiencing heels & slides you’ve bought.

  1. Refer to the video and measure the length and girth of both your feet.
  2. Take a photo of both feet and send us on WhatsApp to create your profile and make recommendations.
  3. Use the size chart to match to the corresponding EU size. That is the one to order. It's common to have one foot longer than the other. Always go with the bigger size.
  4. You can print the attached page at home ( just make sure you print it on an A4 sheet at 100% scale) step on the sheet to know your size, take photos with your mobile phone and see which EU size is best.
  5. Or take a tape measure, and measure the length and girth, photo of both feet- send to our WhatsApp business account and we will reply with the recommended size.
  6. You can request us to mail you the measurement sheet. Send us a message on WhatsApp to mail the printed sheet to your home. Follow the steps on the sheet.
  7. Order our award winning Insoles and Flower Spots for cushioning & adjustment.
    Here is our SIZE CHART.

The measurement in the size chart, is for the shoes or of our feet?

The measurements outlined in the CM and MM columns in the size chart are measurements of your feet (the longest point).

Which Hope Rosa STYLE is right for me?

It depends on many different factors, such as your lifestyle, foot girth, weight, foot ailments and activities you would be doing. Please take our style quiz and send your foot measurements, we will recommend the best styles for you. WhatsApp us.

Do Hope Rosa shoes stretch?

All leather shoes will stretch a little bit as the leather accommodates to your feet.

  • We usually use cow leather which is sturdy and long lasting, this leather does not stretch too much.
  • Also, during the day your feet will expand & contract. So do not purchase tight shoes, it's good to have some room.
  • Hope Rosa shoes have specially designed backing around ankles, so the fit is secure and the shoes hug around your ankles. They will not slip off because you have room.

Order Related

My Order is delayed
  • Please track using our track my order form.
  • Please check if you received any query from your local customs.
  • WhatsApp to our company chat or email us, and we will get on it.
Need help with gift wrapping
  • Often customers order for the special person in their life.
  • Let us know the instructions, we will include a gift card in the order.

Shipping Related

What are your delivery times?

We ship out order within a day, unless its an express delivery.

  • Within Singapore should receive within 2 days.
  • International with 5-10 days depending on destination.
  • Keep an eye for Customs, sometimes they like to have KYC documents when receiving premium goods in country.
How much will shipping cost?
  • Currently we do free shipping in Singapore.
  • Free shipping when over set $$$
  • Flat fee for international orders.

Post Purchase Help

The size I received is not right, how do I know which size to exchange?

We have a feet measurement guide inside the bottom of the shoe box.

  • Take out the wrapper and follow the 4 easy steps to know your size. It's good to note the length and girth of both your feet.
  • Use the size chart to see whats the best size to exchange.
  • WhatsApp to us with photo of your feet we will help.
Is One-to-one exchange possible at the physical store?

If you are in Singapore visit our warehouse/office and exchange. By appointment.

How do I care for my leather shoes & bags?

Nothing quite matches up to the look and feel of quality leather. It is one of the oldest textiles known to mankind. While renowned for its durability and robustness, leather also has a luxurious side, as evidenced by its fervent use in luxury fashion houses.

Leather requires periodic care to maintain its appearance and integrity. Ruined leather is never a pretty sight.

  • Care - leather goods that see exposure (e.g. shoes, bags) should be brushed down after every use. Get rid of the day’s accumulation of dust and other debris.
  • Clean - cleaning lotions and natural shine helps to extract and eliminate stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Condition - much like how we use moisturiser on our skin to keep it healthy and supple, so does leather benefit from having the right conditioning product. Conditioner helps to replace the oils and waxes.
  • Waterproof - most modern leather waterproofing products utilise a silicone component to create a hydrophobic layer over the leather, keeping out any unwanted moisture. These are usually delivered via spray can, fairly easy to handle and colour-neutral. Other alternatives include oils and waxes like mink oil and dubbin.

We have all these products available with the best of quality in our accessories section.

How to tackle Blisters with new shoes?

If you take new shoes out for a long walk, you may get a blister as it rubs different areas than the last pair of shoes. Any shoes can give you a blister in their first few wearings before your feet have grown accustomed to them. Our recommendation:

  • Talcum Powder to avoid moisture
  • Silicone based makeup primer or anything with a silicone based feel to create a frictionless experience.
  • Flower Spots - we have on our website.
  • Reduce abrasion - Break into your shoes, put silicone based lotion at the usual suspect spots on your feet or inside the shoe before wearing new shoes to avoid blisters.
  • Stretch the leather at the spot where its rubbing on the foot.

Can I stretch or get my shoes stretched for my feet?

Yes, stretching shoes in width or length is a great way to personalize your comfort!

  • Watch YouTube video on how to stretch.
  • We can do this for additional cost when you place your order or you can stretch yourself or at a shoe repair shop.
Need help with Repair
  1. If you need help with heel replacement, please let us know. You have an extra set in your order but if you can't locate it let us know. We will send a replacement set.
  2. If you need help with repairing the outsole of your shoes due to wear, you will need to find a local cobbler, currently we don't have a reliable after-sales shop that we can recommend. we are searching…