Starting a new Thoughtful Luxury Brand has been anything but easy. In fact, if you want to succeed in anything, you have to accept and embrace the fact that it’s going to be hard:

“When you think about any worthwhile endeavor, it’s hard." 

However, if you stay at something long enough and you learn as you’re doing it, a little bit of initial luck can be turned into something much bigger over time. So we at Hope Rosa are committed to chipping away at our goal, of making intelligent amazing science backed best shoes & other products.

So the natural progression to INDISPENSABLES came as we were serving our customers.

Women started asking what can they do about blisters, about sweaty feet, can we help with their other uncomfortable shoes etc... 

We felt it was time to design, develop and market another item that would solve an everyday problem with the HOPE ROSA charm. We wanted to create a collection that would appeal to all women and help them the biggest of ways for their foot related comfort. So we started our work.

So we came up with :


These are simple and super practical no-show or invisible socks that work variety of footwear styles based on their cutting and fabrics. However, we were not going to put our name behind something unless we've thoroughly done our bit. So how are these smooth liners different than other such socks in the market? 

  1. Our Design - After trial of 100s of socks we came up with 5 styles that are classic; have the HOPE ROSA luxury elements & are universal. They match with our quality & stitching standards.
  2. Fitting - We have redesigned the footbed and uppers for a snug and glove like fitting.
  3. Arch Support Inserts - We've come up liners that have arch support built in.
  4. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial treatment - Feet get sweaty and shoes harbor tons of smelly bacteria. Smooth Liners are treated with best antibacterial protection.
  5. Silicon to keep in place - We redesigned the molds & pattern to create new silicon shapes that keep the Smooth Liners from not slipping.

These are simple and indispensable insoles that will make any shoe wearable and more comfortable. Again, how are these SOLE SPOTS INSOLES different than other stick-on insoles in the market? 

  1. Our Design - We solved the current issues with bare Poron insoles. And then added the HOPE ROSA luxury elements & universal practicality. 
  2. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial treatment - Feet get sweaty and shoes harbor tons of smelly bacteria. Sole Spots are treated with the best antibacterial protection.
  3. Versatile Colors - We came up with 6 beautiful and feminine soft microfibers to envelop our insoles. Each Sole Spot can be used to match the insole of the shoe or create your own color story.

We are so excited about these littles and their utility in your daily life. We really hope you love them. Let us know what you think.

Remember we are in journey with you-our customer. We will keep learning with you.