Most women experience foot pain wearing heels after a while. Our SWAC Score bring transparency to comfort issue.

When it comes to shoes, we all have the same complaints. Most heels are either comfortable or beautiful, but rarely both. No matter if it’s a $1,000 Manolo or a $50 pair, mainstream designers focus on the look and are not really exploring advanced materials and concepts to address the frustrations. 

In fact, research has shown that nearly 100% of all women who wear heels experience some form of foot pain, either in the toes or the balls of their feet. This can be due to uneven weight distribution due to the arch of the heels, or the midsole not providing enough support, among other issues. We intimately understand these challenges and wanted to design practical solutions.


1. Fix the common frustrations.

2. Apply science for real results- SWAC.

3. Advanced Materials


1. Fixing the Common Frustrations 

We identified 7 Elements that need to be in every pair to address the common frustrations. And then there are other details that are just inculcated into our design philosophy: make shoes for real women.  For example our comfy shoes have wide width to accommodate reality; would this exasperate or help someone with bunions; would this design avoid sweat and many such practicalities that can be easily resolved in beautiful design.

Our must have - 7 Elements are:


Our formula is called a SWAC Score, an abbreviation for “Shoe Wearability and Comfort”. With Hope Rosa shoes, we test every aspect of heels in real-life use as well as in the laboratory, using equipment usually used to test sports shoes. We assess 10 aspects of our shoes to calculate its final SWAC Score, and these include fit, gait, mid-sole contact, arch support, pressure points and more.

The final SWAC Score represents a simple number: How many hours you can wear your Hope Rosa heels reasonably. Each shoe we’ve designed has been tested and a SWAC Score calculated, and allowing to choose the best style for for the purpose. Check out our Marylyn Kitten heels for women, Karla Heels collection.


3. Advanced Materials: You Have Our Support

Hope Rosa’s formula for comfort comes from a combination of practical design incorporating 7 Elements & advanced cushioning. Our designs incorporate a new heel that helps spread the weight placed on your feet over a larger area, along with the cushioning technology of PORON comfort in our shoes. 

This technology is a unique elastomer that’s like memory foam: It not only conforms to the shape of your foot when pressed on, but returns to its original shape after use. It also has a dense but breathable structure that maintains comfort against the skin, while  providing the maximum shock absorption, similar to what a sports shoe provides. Hope Rosa heels combine classic styles and advanced science to create a far different experience that what you'd ever imagine!

To experience Hope Rosa’s designs for yourself, head down to any of our show spaces at Metro Paragon, Robinsons Heeren or Isetan Scotts Road in Singapore, or order yours today and discover just how incredibly comfortable our heel can be.

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