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Norma Black Kitten Heel Pump is stylish and the world's most comfortable walkable heel for women! The style is classic and great for work wear, evening, or everyday pumps. It is a modern silhouette, that complements most of your weekday looks when you want your heels to support you and not draw too much attention.

1. Comfort: Soft leather, bouncy soft insole, roomy toe box, ankle cushioning.
2. Fit: Expertly crafted to fit all women with normal, wide width & bunion feet.
3. Craftsmanship: Napa leather; seamless no-join leather design; Italian craftsmanship,
4.Heel Details: 60MM (6CM) Kitten Heel; High density heel tip that makes less sound while walking;
5. Outsole: Anti-slip, flexible and waterproof.

The name for this style is inspired by the timeless & iconic Marylyn Monroe. Before she became known around the world as the glamorous Marylyn Monroe her real name was Norma Jeans. Norma Pump embodies the same ethos - beautiful in simplicity.

What We Love

-Versatile heels are perfect for any occasion.
-The heels can be paired with anything from crisp blue jeans to a formal suit.
-A staple for every wardrobe.
-Great fit for most women with Normal, Widefoot & Bunion feet. Sizes: EU 34-41 (yes!!)
-Quiet heel with better abrasion resistance, unlike normal heels that wear off fast and make the heel slippery. --Be careful when on escalators or with sharp edges, as it's a slim kitten heel.
-You get the pointy toe look without squishing your toes (roomy toebox).

Features/ Science Applied

- Incorporates a wide and secure forefoot, eliminates toe scrunching, and provides secure ankle and heel positioning.
- Padded insole constructed with open cell technology for shock absorption and energy return, reducing the force needed to produce the same change in momentum.
- Even weight distribution throughout the entire shoe to reduce pressure spots, with foot pressure testing to ensure even contact points.

Product Care

1.Store in a cool, dry closet- away from heat and sunlight. High humidity damages our TPU outsoles.
2. Soft cloth to remove dirt and dust.
3. Regularly apply leather conditioner to keep shoes moisturized.
4. Air dry if leather gets wet. Outsole is waterproof, just wipe off.


Our Sustainable commitment involves:
- Creating long lasting leather goods thereby reducing consumer waste created by fast fashion.
- Biodegradable: Leather is a natural product! Thus easily decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms (less than 50 years) thereby avoiding pollution! Faux leather on the other hand is synthetic and non-biodegradable.
- Reducing waste by reusing and recycling materials.
- Using leather with vegetable dyes or chrome free.
- Recycle - all old worn out shoes to repurpose each component.
- Biodegradable Outsoles - working on making HR shoes 100% biodegradable.

Hours Of Wear

We have tested, surveyed customers, and asked our employees to wear this style of shoe in various sizes to ensure it is comfortable and reliable. Our shoes can be worn for up to 7 hours before needing a break. We are committed to providing honest and transparent ratings for all of our products.

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Walk in Comfortable Style: The Must-Have Classic Kitten Heel

Step into timeless elegance with our classic kitten heels that never go out of style. Versatile heels are perfect for any occasion, from work to special events, and everything in between.

Customer Favorite: Best-Selling Kitten Heel

Norma Pumps are a customer favorite. Named after the iconic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, who was born Norma Jeane, these pumps are the epitome of glamour and sophistication. Slim design and comfortable. Marilyn Monroe was known for her timeless style and effortless elegance, and we're proud to offer a shoe inspired by her legacy.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Mind blowing comfort.

Say hello to your new favorite shoes! Crafted with comfort in mind, they feature an extra-cushy footbed for soft, structured support and a stylish look you'll love. Enjoy all-day comfort and style with these shoes!

Correct Size, No Returns..

If you're new to Hope Rosa and unsure of your size, don't worry. We've got you covered with our size chart and video measurement guide to ensure you get the perfect fit. With our help, you can shop online securely and confidently knowing that returns won't be necessary!

Sustainable materials.

Create long-lasting leather goods to reduce consumer waste caused by fast fashion. We do this by reusing and recycling materials, using vegetable dyes and chrome-free leather, and striving to make all HR shoes 100% biodegradable. Leather is natural and biodegradable, so it decomposes quickly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eve Sanchez
Simple and classic

I’ve been looking forever for classic kitten heels that are well made and comfortable. These are my go to heels now.

Happy to be a BFF member

My daughter is studying in a law institute and had an eye over Norma Pumps for a long time. I gifted her these shoes on her birthday. She is very happy with her shoes. I too purchased a pair of Audrey flats for myself. Hope Rosa is my favourite brand for shoes.

Never goes out of fashion

I never found a fashionable pair of shoes soo comfortable. Thanks HopeRosa for creating such a valuable product like this.

Benitez C.
Formal looks

looks classy and way more comfortable to wear for everyday use.

Sharin D.
Sexy Shoes

Goes perfectly with my jeans and skirts and anyways blacks goes well with almost all outfits. loving them.