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This pump is inspired by Marylyn Monroe. A classic and iconic woman who will always be remembered for her style & sensuality.

This pointed-toe pump with a 60s style heel is handcrafted in cow leather and features an intricate crystal buckle embellished with a flower design... The buckle is studded with high brilliance Preciosa crystals. The crystals are multidimensional - giving off silver and gold reflections when the light catches the crystals. The beautiful buckle adds a real pop to your look but does not overdo it. The heel shape is very classic and the height of 6CM is just nice enough for adding a few CMs to your height but not arching the foot too high to cause foot pain. MARYLYN PUMP comes with our signature shock-absorbing insole.

HOPE ROSA signature insoles are sculpted to follow the natural contour of the foot. Some styles come with arch support & meta-tarsal cushioning. Regardless, all constructions are made with scientifically backed research to stabilize & comfort your foot depending on the style. The signature elements of our shoes include shock absorption; medical grade cushioning that molds to your foot and does not lose form; extra wide width in the front to allow room for long day wear; cupping in the heel; cushioning in the heel counters and anti-slip outsoles; and finally heels designs that are never too high keeping the biomechanics of your foot in consideration. Our luxury shoes create a stable position for your feet in designed beauties.

We finalized 7 Key Elements that women appreciate and value in their shoes. This style incorporates ALL our 7-ELEMENTS.

Hours Of Wear


Our testers in labs, customers & employees wear our styles in different sizes to come up with a survival range of how many hours we collectively clocked in a pair before getting bothersome. We list this rating as our radical & transparent approach toward shoes. Here’s our rating for this style:

What We Love

Marylyn is one of the world's most comfortable and popular kitten heels. The crystals are like wearing 20 carat diamonds on your feet.
Classic style that is never going out of fashion.
Versatile, can go from evening to day.
The crystals in the buckle are brilliant and they give a stunning rich girl vibe.
Great fit for most women with: Normal, Wide Width & Bunion feet. Sizes: EU 34-41 (yes!!)
You get the pointy toe look without squishing your toes (wide).

Perfect for special events - weddings, dinners, parties when you want to dance, walk around and look amazing.

The heels can be paired with anything from a crisp blue jeans to a formal suit. You can ditch the sneakers for a polished look with these crystal kitten heel pumps.

Product Care

1.Store in a cool, dry closet- away from heat and sunlight. High humidity damages our TPU outsoles.
2. Soft cloth to remove dirt and dust.
3. Regularly apply leather conditioner to keep shoes moisturized.
4. Air dry if leather gets wet. Outsole is waterproof, just wipe off.

Features/ Science Applied

These pumps use science backed design to look sleek and be super comfortable. All big luxury brands focus on design & craftsmanship. We go 2 steps further by including: foot biomechanics and material science when making this style.

- Stability: This design incorporates a wide & secure forefoot that eliminates toe scrunching, a stable heel & ankle positioning.
- Padded insole that is made with open cell technology for shock absorption & energy return. Our tech decreases the force necessary to produce the same change in momentum: Think of dropping an egg on a hard surface versus a pillow, the egg will not break on the pillow because of this same principle. Thus you feel bouncy in these shoes.
- Even weight distribution to reduce pressure spots like in all designer/luxury shoes. We review foot pressure testing to even the contact points.


Our Sustainable commitment involves:
- Creating long lasting leather goods thereby reducing consumer waste created by fast fashion.
- Biodegradable: Leather is a natural product! Thus easily decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms (less than 50 years) thereby avoiding pollution! Faux leather on the other hand is synthetic and non-biodegradable.
- Reducing waste by reusing and recycling materials.
- Using leather with vegetable dyes or chrome free.
- Recycle - all old worn out shoes to repurpose each component.
- Biodegradable Outsoles - working on making HR shoes 100% biodegradable.

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Good for you. Good for the planet.

Mind-blowing comfort.

Say hello to your new favorite shoes. Consciously designed for maximum comfort, this extra-cushy footbed provides soft, structured support and standout style all day long.

Correct Size, No Returns.

If you're new to Hope Rosa and unsure of your size, don't worry. We've got you covered with our size chart and video measurement guide to ensure you get the perfect fit. With our help, you can shop online securely and confidently knowing that returns won't be necessary!

Sustainable materials.

Create long lasting leather goods, reducing consumer waste caused by fast fashion. Leather is natural & biodegradable, so decomposes quickly. Reuse & recycle materials, use veg dyes & chrome-free leather. Also work to make all HR shoes 100% biodegradable.

HOPE ROSA can make every day the best day. Every wedding memorable. Every prom the funnest event.

Learn about the design details and things that matter in this style. We've made online shoe shopping easy & included all the details that every woman wanted.

Experience Happiness Guaranteed: These are the best Kitten Heels

Marylyn Pumps, the perfect combination of comfort and glamour. These pumps are sure to make a statement whether you're dressing up for a night out or adding some sparkle to your daytime look. Marilyn Monroe was known for her timeless style and effortless elegance, and we're proud to offer a shoe inspired by her legacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Beautiful stunning shoes

Shoes are absolutely stunning. The crystals are so nice! Bought two pairs. First wore had a little blisters but improved after subsequent try. Overall very comfortable. Will love to try others.

Twinkle toes :sparkles: My new favourite shoes! :high_heel::high_heel:

Cloud 9 comfort! :star2: Glamor factor :100:! I marvel at the clever packaging and comfort accessories. All my girlfriends are asking about the spring in my step :sparkles: Already choosing my next pair...

Thank you Rachel for sharing your positive experience. We know you are a woman of discerning taste, so having you as a customer is so great!!

Twinkle toes :sparkles: My new favourite shoes! :high_heel::high_heel:

Cloud 9 comfort! :star2: Glamor factor :100:! I marvel at the clever packaging and comfort accessories. All my girlfriends are asking about the spring in my step :sparkles: Already choosing my next pair...

Thank you Rachel for sharing your positive experience. We know you are a woman of discerning taste, so having you as a customer is so great!!

Made my memorable day complete. Hope Rosa is making a difference.

I bought the Marylyn Pump in Nude for my wedding. I wanted to be most comfortable on my special day. So I got the pumps for the main ceremony and a pair of Audrey flats for later in the day. They looked perfect with my dress.

Brilliant & fast foot measuring

I never knew measuring feet would be this easy... print the size chart, capture some images and send it to the customer service. Voila!! Marylyn Nude was at my doorsteps in 2 days.