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1-Pair Medium Cushion Insoles Sole Spots

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Ball of foot insoles that are a must-have and should be added to every pair of shoes to create comfort, going to put a bounce in your stride, reduce tired achy feet, relieve lower back pressure. These insoles help you stay comfortable and light footed in whatever footwear you add them to. The insoles give long lasting cushioning, shock absorption when walking and they never lose their cushioning. HOPE ROSA is the only brand in the world creating these unique colourful and scientifically advanced insoles.


  1. Beautiful & velvety plush finish feels great to step on, unlike normal gels or exposed rubber insoles like Foot Petals.
  2. Our patented material (PORON®) provides superior shock absorption that never goes flat and rebounds day in day out.
  3. Lightweight and discreetly slim. These insoles will not make your shoes too tight.
  4. Help as a Plantar fasciitis and foot pain solution. Helps to relieve pain due to plantar fasciitis. This condition is often caused by repetitive motion or anything that puts a lot pressure on the arch of your foot. Sole Spot insoles reduces the pressure due to our patented medical grade cushioning. 
  5. Microfiber is treated for antibacterial protection.
  6. The breathable material keeps your feet cool, dry dry with moisture absorption, and stable (no slippage). comfortable with every step.These insoles keep your feet dry with moisture absorption and stable (no slippage).
  7. They come in beautiful colors to match or contrast, letting you express your style.

Keep a pair or two in your purse, for the times when you are stuck with killer shoes.  Once you enjoy the comfort of Sole Spots, you would not want to go without them in any heel, flats, or boots. 


What We Love

- Colorful choices
- Moisture wicking
- Ball of foot cushions that prevent calluses from forming
- Delivers the highest degree of shock absorption
- Stops feet from sliding forward
- Eliminates toe scrunch and ugly overhang
- Adhesive backing for lasting placement but not recommended to remove and reuse.

Features/ Science Applied

Shock Absorbing, Medical grade cushioning with patented open cell technology. Our cushioning never loses its bounce. There is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment on the microfiber.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Posture Support

We spend 57% of our day on our feet. Thus taking care of our body & posture is crucial. Our cushioning solutions help you reduce back pain, increase mobility and give you a bounce. Our insoles are made of a patented material that has a high compression set resistance and high energy absorption. This allows for greater resiliency and longevity, even after multiple use.


Say hello to your new favourite accessory. Mindfully designed to be a game changing add-ons. These accessories solve the need for: comfort, support, adjustment for loose shoes, sweaty feet, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, slippery feet etc... The uses are innumerable!

Environment Friendly

Our performance cushioning material is produced using 46% less petroleum-based chemicals. Our proprietary material PORON® is manufactured sustainably, free of harmful substances, is durable, long-lasting and multifunctional. Thereby reducing wastage as well.