Audrey Nude Patent Bow Leather Flats



Comfortable Fit

Shock Absorbing

Bunion Friendly

Hourly Rating

Audrey Nude Patent Bow Leather Flats are the perfect go-to shoes for everyday occasions. These flats are classic and comfortable, and feature a beautiful bow on the side for a feminine touch. , they can be paired with jeans, skirts, or whatever you choose for the ideal look.

1. Comfort: Soft leather, roomy toe box, an anti-slip outsole that is very flexible; ankle cushioning, and arch support. Patented technology for shock absorption & even weight distribution.
2. Fit: Expertly crafted to fit all women with normal, wide width & bunion feet.
3. Craftsmanship: Napa leather; seamless no-join leather design; Italian craftsmanship, with leather bow detailing.
4. Heel: 10mm (0.4″)
5. Outsole: Anti-slip, flexible and waterproof.

FIT NOTE: The Audrey Flats run quite wide in the forefoot, and tend to run a ½ size bigger. Suitable for the wider forefoot. The initial fit will be snug after a few days of wear the flats will stretch out. We can also assist with complimentary shoe stretching if you need help.
What We Love

- Classic and comfortable flats
- Perfect to pair with jeans, skirts, or any type of outfit
- Feature an adorable bow detail on the side
- Stylish and feminine finish.

Features/ Science Applied

- Incorporates a wide and secure forefoot, eliminates toe scrunching, and provides secure ankle and heel positioning.
- Padded insole constructed with open cell technology for shock absorption and energy return, reducing the force needed to produce the same change in momentum.
- Even weight distribution throughout the entire shoe to reduce pressure spots, with foot pressure testing to ensure even contact points.

Product Care

1.Store in a cool, dry closet- away from heat and sunlight. High humidity damages our TPU outsoles.
2. Soft cloth to remove dirt and dust.
3. Regularly apply leather conditioner to keep shoes moisturized.
4. Air dry if leather gets wet. Outsole is waterproof, just wipe off.


Our Sustainable commitment involves:
- Creating long lasting leather goods thereby reducing consumer waste created by fast fashion.
- Biodegradable: Leather is a natural product! Thus easily decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms (less than 50 years) thereby avoiding pollution! Faux leather on the other hand is synthetic and non-biodegradable.
- Reducing waste by reusing and recycling materials.
- Using leather with vegetable dyes or chrome free.
- Recycle - all old worn out shoes to repurpose each component.
- Biodegradable Outsoles - working on making HR shoes 100% biodegradable.

Hours Of Wear

We have tested, surveyed customers, and asked our employees to wear this style of shoe in various sizes to ensure it is comfortable and reliable. Our shoes can be worn for up to 8 hours before needing a break. We are committed to providing honest and transparent ratings for all of our products.

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Sustainable materials.

Create long-lasting leather goods to reduce consumer waste caused by fast fashion. We do this by reusing and recycling materials, using vegetable dyes and chrome-free leather, and striving to make all HR shoes 100% biodegradable. Leather is natural and biodegradable, so it decomposes quickly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lydia C.
Wow! What a cool experience.

Supercute and the design is classic, so will always be relevant.

Jenna X.

Love this simple & professional style. The leather has held up, arch support is huge, pricey but long term better value.

Sophi L.

Very high quality product for this cost. I have tried many other luxury shoes but always had some or the other problem and never had any complain with hope rosa shoes. They are just PERFECT.

Extremely Comfortable

I like the non-slip quality of this flats, appropriate for the weather conditions in Singapore. Plus it is so damn comfortable that I can walk miles in this pair of flats.

Kylie R.
Best Flats Ever

I never regret buying Hope Rosa shoes. This is my 3rd purchase from Hope Rosa and I must say audrey flats was the best purchase I made till date.